The Foreign Policy of Hassan Rouhani, Constructive Interaction within the Framework of Development Oriented Government

Document Type : Research Paper



The foreign policy of eleventh administration (Hassan Rouhani government) is based on what principle and orientations? These principle and orientations are according to what foreign policy model? In reply to above questions the following hypothesis can be given; taking into consideration the experience of Mr. Rouhani as the secretary of National Security Council, his articles, books and speeches and his debate during presidential election campaign on can conclude that the foreign policy of the Eleventh Administration as “constructive interaction with the world within the framework of development oriented government. This foreign policy prepares the ground for economic growth and development within the framework of Twenty Years Perspective Plan, through détente, confidence building, avoiding securitization, improving the prestige and façade of Iran, active diplomacy and ties with other countries and international organizations. According to Mr. Rouhani during the past years the foreign policy by increasing tension and pursuing radical policies had pushed Iran towards a security centered phase and have created serious obstacle for achieving economic growth and development of the country. Therefore, for putting back the country on the right track as being prescribed by document on Twenty Years Perspective (Iran in the year 1404 Iranian year) a development oriented government should hold the power. A government that its priority should be constructive interaction with the world and in this way prepares the suitable ground for economic growth and development. With these points in view the purpose of the present article is to examine by a descriptive analytical method the foreign policy of Rouhani government on the basis of constructive interaction with the world and the development oriented policy.